Executive Chef Samuel Gonzalez

is an island native with a passion for excellence in fine dining. Chef’s culinary career began back in 2009. In less than 2 years in 2012, he answered his culinary calling by opening his first diner. The year 2014 marked the start of his Aqua Restaurant journey, initially as the understudy chef of Chef Hugo Meyer, where Chef Samuel further cultivated and mastered his culinary skills and techniques. Today, he leads our “dream team” having solidified his culinary skills in baking, pastries, meats, sauces and spices, pastas and now sushi. He loves the challenge and creativity of making unique sushi dishes and enjoys being part of our guests dining experience at his sushi bar.

Chef Kalib Cortez

always had a passion and an interest for the Japanese culture. Chef Kalib is a well-known local sushi chef with over 4 years of experience. Chef Kalib joined our “dream team” in the year 2014 as a food prep. Chef Kalib is now our head sushi chef. Kalib incorporates his passion for Japanese culture and arsenal of skills in every roll and meal prepared.

Chef Eli Chi

Ventured into the culinary world in 2013 starting off as a Food Prep. Chef Eli joined our dynamic team in 2015. Eli’s culinary experience varies from food garnishing skills to making homemade pasta. When Aqua decided to make sushi a regular part of the menu he immediately volunteered to join Chef Samuel and Kalib for training. His excitement for the art of sushi is conveyed in each dish he prepares.